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Mc Jin / Jin Au-Yeung [Дискография]


The Rest Is History 2004 (Скачать)
The Rest Is History1."Intro/The Signing (Skit)"
2."Here Now"
3."Get Your Handz Off" (featuring Swizz Beatz)
4."Club Song"
5."The Come Thru"
6."So Afraid"
7."I Got a Love" (featuring Kanye West)
8."Chinese Beats (Skit)"
9."Learn Chinese" (featuring Wyclef Jean)
10."The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly"
12."Love Story" (featuring Aja Smith)
13."Cold Outside" (featuring Lyfe Jennings)
15."Karaoke Night" (featuring Styles P)
16."Same Cry" (featuring LT)
17."Thank You"
The Emcee's Proper Ganda 2005 (Скачать)
The Emcee's Proper Ganda1. The Emcee (skit)
2. Perspectives Listen
3. Top 5 (Dead or Alive)
4. Mr. Popular Listen
5. My First Time
6. Propaganda Defined (skit)
7. Properganda Listen
8. No More Fans Listen
9. G.O.L.D.E.N. Listen
10. Foolish Little Girls
11. The Craftiest (skit)
12. 100 Thousand Sold Pt. 2
13. No Concept feat. Yung MAC & LS
14. Carpe Diem Listen
15. It's All Over
100 Grand Jin 2006
100 Grand Jin1Ambassador
2100 Grand Jin
4Long Winding Road
5Money Comes, Money Goes
6Mass Appeal
7Politics as Usual
8F**k Jay Z!
9Back Pack
10Music Is for Life
11Through Ha Days
12Let Me (Be Myself)
13Something About You
14Food Fight
15Upside Down
I Promise 2006 (Скачать)
I Promise1"Name Calling"
4"Doin' What I Do"
5"MySpace Collabo"
6"I Download"
7"36-24-36 (Applebottom Jeans)"
8"Perfect Strangers"
9"Clap Your Hands"
10"Can't Wait"
11"Crafty Awards (Skit)"
12"Award Show"
13"Chinese Food"
14"I Promise"
ABC 2007 (Скачать)
2"真正 Hip Hop" (It's Hip Hop)
3"香港 Superstar" (HK Superstar)
4"識講唔識睇" (Speak Can't Read)
5"Ape Shall Never"
6"飲啖茶" (Yum Dum Cha)
7"喂喂搵邊位" (Who are you looking for?)
8"即食面" (Instant Noodle)
10"搵兩餐" (Making a Living/Earn Two Meals)
回香靖 2011

買一送一 (With 陳奐仁 aka Hanjin) 2010
Песни и саундтреки:

2 Fast 2 Furious Soundtrack Peel Off 2003
Ruff Ryders Artists Album Aim 4 The Head(with Cassidy and J-Hood) 2005

1996 Demo 1996
1) Sober Thoughts
2) Mess
3) Oh Yeah
4) Life's A Bitch
5) Eeeny Meeny
The Yellow Tape 2004
The Yellow Tape01.Intro
02.Learn Chinese
03.Wake Up
05.Affirmative Action 2k1
06.Dead Wrong
08.Slow Jamz
09.I Do this
11.Brush Your Molers
12.Slide with Me
15.The Bassment Feat. Tiger
17.I Gotta Love Feat. Kanye West
History In The Making 200?
History In The Making01.Dat's Me
02.Hands Off (Produced By Neo Da Matrix)
Jump Off
04.That's What It Is
05.Ruff Ryders Anthem
06.Affirmative Action
07.Go 2 Sleep
08.Moment Of Clarity
09.Inna Zone (Non-Lp Track)
10.Young G's
12.I Do This Son…
13.Back Down
14.Dead Wrong
15.I Gotta Luv (featuring Kanye West)
16.Learn Chinese (Produced By Wyclef & Jerry 揥onder?Duplessis)
17.Who Shot Ya?
18.Eye 4 An Eye
19.Verbal Intercourse
20.8 Mile
The Definition Of History 200?
The Definition Of History1.Intro
2.Hate In Ya Blood
3.Last Dayz
4.So Afraid (Produced By Kwame)
5.Lyrical Miracle Skit
6.Super Lyrical
7.Back At The BBQ
8.Chief Rocka
10.There's A God On The Mic
11.Hell On Earth
12.If I…
13.4th Chamber (featuring Chan & LS)
14.Carry The "R"
15.They Don't Know (Produced By J.R.)
16.Letter To Myself
18.Last Song
19.Lord Geezus (Produced By Neo Da Matrix)
20.Hands Off (Produced By Neo Da Matrix)
The G.a.R.T.E.E.'s World 2005
The G.a.R.T.E.E.'s World
Super-Lyrical: World Champion
Super-Lyrical: World Champion1.Winners Circle
2.Open Invitation (Diss pt. 1)
3.Lighters Up
4.100 Thousand Sold, pt. 2
5.I Get High (remix) feat. Styles P, Redman & Method Man
6.Aim For The Head feat. Cassidy, Swizz Beats & J-Hood
7.Top 5
8.Career Is Over (Diss pt. 2)
9.100 Thousand Sold
10.Cold Outside feat. Lyfe Jennings
11.Music feat. Floetry Floetic
12.So Sick (remix)
13.Sauna Shorts feat. Steelo & Sparky
14.Freestyle feat. Smoke & Numbers
15.Come Closer feat. Juggy D
16.Carpe Diem
17.Thank You
18.Jin vs. Professor Green (Power Summit 2005 - Battle For $50k)
19.London UK - BBC1 Extras - Interview After MC Battle
新年快樂 Happy New Year
免費 Rap
早晨 Good Morning
四圍 Rap
係又 Yo 唔係又 Yo
VLT Christmas Mixtape (aka:VLT Merry X'mas) 2009
VLT Christmas Mixtape01. 聖誕Rap
02. 曬命
03. Okay It's KT
04. 頂頂大名
05. Amezing
06. 入屋
07. 711 feat. KT
08. o靚模 vs. Normal (Remix) feat. KT
09. 有限公司 feat. KT
10. 2010 feat. KT
11. VLT澀得起 就係我
12. Encore VLT 錫蘭檸檬茶
2010 Hip Hop Census 2010
2010 Hip Hop Census2010 Hip Hop CensusField Goals
Generation We
You Know My Steez
Moment of Truth
Exhibit A
Self Sacrifice
Wish Right Now
Drop Change
If I Ever Make Millions
Don't Stop The Music
Baby it's You
Say Something 2010 (Скачать)
Say SomethingSay Something1 Say Something
2 I Tried
3 Chillin' In Hk
4 Touch The Sky
5 Hard
6 Running Thru My Head
7 Beautiful Story
8 Angels


Sincerely Yours EP 2011 (Скачать)
Sincerely Yours EPSincerely Yours EP01 Sincerely Yours
02 Just Music
03 Whatever It Takes
04 Changed Man
05 True Religion
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