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Первое кафе "Принц" / Coffee Prince - OST

The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince OST (Скачать)
Coffee Prince01. Lalala, It's Love!- The Melody
02. White Love Story - ASONE
03. One cup of coffee (humming urban stereo) (Feat.YoCho)
04. Go Go Chan!! - Tearliner (Feat.(YoCho))
05. Coffee Fragrant Over Brim
06. For A While - MNI MinJae
07. Mocha - Casker
08. Ocean travel (Choi Han Sung ver. )- Lee Sun Gyu
09. One piece of Sunlight
10. Polly - The Melody
11. Alkong Dalkong
12. Ocean Travel - Tearliner
13. Double Shot - Casker
14. Good Memory
15. It Sits Gently in the Wind (Ocean Travel Piano Ver.)
16. Go Go Chan!! (Public airing Ver.) - Tearliner
Coffee Prince OST II (Скачать CD 1), (Скачать CD 2)
Coffee PrinceCD 1

01. Love Is Weaken When It Comes Out Of Mouth - Low-end Project
02. 유주, 한성 Dialogue (다시 만난 두 사람, 그리고 베이글)
03. GoodBye - The Melody
04. May - Belle Epoque
05. 다시 (Acoustic Ver.) - Cloud Cuckoo Land
06. 바랜 고백 - Casker
07. Gazer Razer (Studio Live Ver.) - Tearliner
08. 은찬, 한결 Dialogue (은찬과 한결의 화해)
09. Make Up - 어른아이
10. I'll Be A Virgin I'll Be A Mountain - Maximilian Hecker
11. joh eun sa ram (월) - Fanny Fink
12. 은찬 Dialogue (소리내어 우는 은찬)
13. Raincoat (A Passing Rain Ver.) - Tearliner
14. 위로 - Misty Blue
15. 한성 Dialogue (사랑이 아니라, 흔들린 거야)
16. Alien -Arco

CD 2

01. 한결 Dialogue (한결의 고백)
02. Sad Thing - 어른아이
03. 한결, 은찬 Dialogue (의형제 맺기로 한 은찬과 한결)
04. 연애를 망친 건… 바로 나란 걸 알았다 - Low-End Project
05. 아이쿠 - 김창완
06. Coffee Is - Cloud Cuckoo Land
07. Running - Donawhale
08. 은찬, 한결 Dialogue (성장하는 사람)
09. 좋은 사람 - Fanny Fink
10. Wishy-Washy Boy (Guide Ver.) - Tearliner
11. Last Arpeggios - 푸른새벽
12. 한결, 은찬 Dialogue (사랑의 발견)
13. Balloons & Champagne - Ephemera
14. Novaless - Tearliner
15. 한결 Dialogue (고은찬 빨리와라!! 고은찬 보고싶다!!)
16. Perfect World - Arco
17. Space Island (Moon Ver.) - Tearliner
Unofficial OST (Скачать 1ч.), (Скачать 2ч.)

01. TEARLINER – "Young Racer." Eun Chan on her scooter.
02. THE MELODY – "Goodbye." Han Sung and Yuju.
03. MILVA – "Tango Italiano." Jajangmyun eating contest.
04. FREE TEMPO – "Immaterial White." Yuju and Han Gyul walking by streetside peddlers.
05. KIROTS – "청소슝슝" (cleaning). Eun Chan’s cell phone.


06.FANNY FINK – "November." The song playing over the montage from the previous episode.
07. DEPAPEPE – いい日だったね (ii hi datta ne / It was a good day). Eun Chan eating ice cream with Han Sung.
08. JULIE LONDON – "Fly Me to the Moon." Han Sung’s place.
09. LOVEHOLIC – "화분" (hwabun / flowerpot). Han Sung’s memories of Yu Ju.
10. BLUE KNIGHTS – "Red Night." Eun Chan shopping for clothes.
11. BLUE KNIGHTS – "Copacabana." Blind date fake-out kiss.
12. TEARLINER – "아이들" (children). Taekwondo kids.


13. 유희열 (Yoo Hee Yeol aka Toy) – "라디오천국" (radio cheon-guk / radio heaven). Running in the rain with toys.
14. 현경과 영애 (Hyun Kyung and Young Ae) – "그리워라" (geu-ri-weo-ra / yearn). The vinyl song that both Han Gyul and Eun Chan’s father owned.
15. CASKER – "Mocha" (on OST). Han Sung and Yu Ju goofing around.
16. TEARLINER – "Novaless." Han Sung and Yuju.
17. TEARLINER – "Regretto." Milk delivery.
18. 나윤선 (Na Yoon Seon ) – "그리고 별이 되다" (geu-ri-go byul-i dwe-da / and it becomes a star). Yu Ju sings this to Han Gyul over the phone.
19. TAKE THAT – "Back for Good." Cafe, Han Gyul and Yu Ju.


20. LEE SEON KYUN – "바다여행" (Ocean Travel). Han Sung sings to Yuju.
21. NATALIE COLE – "This Will Be (An Everlasting Love)." Princes prepare the café for opening.
22. EZ HYOUNG – "Hello My Barista"
23. BELLE EPOQUE – "May." Han Gyul dances for Yuju.
24. DAVE KOZ – "Cuban Hideaway." Eun Chan versus Min Yub.
25. KULA SHAKER – "Hush." Basketball scene.
26. THE WANNADIES – "You and Me Song." Fountain.


27. THE MELODY – "Polly." Eun Chan and sleeping Han Gyul.
28. INGER MARIE GUNDERSEN – "Sad Song." Han Sung with Yuju on couch.
29. "올챙이와 개구리" (tadpole and frog). This is the children’s song Eun Chan sings.
30. TEARLINER – "밤나무빛슬픔" (Piano ver.오수경). Roughly translates to "sadness of the light of a chestnut tree," Han Gyul and Eun Chan outside.


31. TEARLINER – "Raincoat." Eun Chan cries on bus.
32. FORTUNE COOKIE – "헛소동" (much ado about nothing). Sun Ki looking for his old love.
33. MIKA – "Lollipop." Coffee Prince "commercial."
34. AS ONE – "White Love Story." Ending scene.


35. MNI민재 – "For a while." Han Sung drives Eun Chan.
36. MAXIMILIAN HECKER – "I’ll Be a Virgin, I’ll Be a Mountain." Yu Ju and Han Gyul while away their day.
37. TEARLINER – "Wishy-Washy Boy." Eun Chan on drums.
38. NO BRAIN – "넌 내게 반했어" (You’ve fallen for me). This is what Eun Chan and Han Gyul sing on the street before going to the fountains.
39. TEXAS – "Getaway." Fountains.


40. BASEMENT JAXX – "Do Your Thing." Eun Sae auditions.
41. "Heart and Soul" – This is the song Eun Chan and Han Sung play together on the piano.
42. DIRE STRAITS – "Money For Nothing"
43. LUCID FALL – "보이나요" (Does it show?). Han Sung’s ringtone.
44. THE MELODY – "Love Box." Han Gyul with his grandmother.
45. LOW-END PROJECT – "연애를 망친 건… 바로 나라는 걸 알았다" (I know I’m why the romance failed). End scene.


46. KINGS OF CONVENIENCE – "I Don’t Know What I Can Save You From." Yu Ju and Eun Chan in cafe.
47. ARCO – "Perfect World." Yu Ju and Han Sung.
48. ROD STEWART – "Have I Told You Lately." Supermarket.
49. BLUEDAWN 푸른새벽 – "Last Arpeggios." Walking on the beach.
50. AZURE RAY – "Across the Ocean." Han Gyul watches Eun Chan sleep.
51. KIM YEON WOO 김연우 – "나는 사랑이 뭔지 모르나봐요" (I must not know what love is). Eun Chan and Han Gyul spend their day separately.


52. ARCO – "Alien." Played in Han Gyul’s car.
53. "Jave Jive." Sung by the Coffee Princes.
54. RUFF ENDZ – "Someone To Love You"
55. BASEMENT JAXX – "Where’s Your Head At?"
56. TEARLINER – "Space Island." Han Gyul and Yuju talk.
57. 어른아이 (Adult Child) – "Sad Thing." Last scene.


58. TEARLINER – "Love Song" (piano version)
59. DJ GURU – "X x." Han Gyul drives away from the cafe angry.
60. BLUEDAWN 푸른새벽 – "호접지몽." Eun Chan plays with toy in tears.
61. 어른아이 (Adult Child) – "Make Up." Last scene.


62. CLOUD CUCKOO LAND – "다시" (acoustic). At café.
63. FREE TEMPO – "Sky High." Yu Ju’s ringtone.
64. CLOUD CUCKOO LAND – "Coffee Is." Last scene.
BELLE EPOQUE’s "May" is the chestnut scene song. It is already posted under a prior episode.
65. BLUEDAWN’s "Last Arpeggios" is in the park bench scene. Also posted previously.


66. EPHEMERA – "Balloons and Champagne." Eun Chan plays with block toys with Han Gyul on the patio.
67. FANNY FINK – "좋은 사람" (good person). Yu Ju returns.
CASKER’s "Mocha" is posted in a prior episode. Scene where Eun Chan draws signs for Han Gyul at his apartment.


68. MYRRA – "Taxi Driver." Han Gyul and Eun Chan at café.
69. 어른아이 (ADULT CHILD) – "Star." Dinner party.
70. SONDRE LERCHE – "Once In a While." Streetside and kids’ store.
71. AQUIBIRD – "Different World." Piggyback song.
LOW-END PROJECT’s "연애를 망친 건… 바로 나라는 걸 알았다" plays while Han Gyul makes the paper airplane. It is posted in a previous episode.


72. GENTLE RAIN – "The Night & Sweet." Jazzy background song when Eun Chan has lunch with Han Gyul’s mother.
73. BLUR – "Sweet Song." Garden proposal.
74. MISSING ISLAND – "Maiden Voyage." Han Gyul’s imagined bed scene.


75. YANNI – "Reflections of Passion." Opening scene.
76. PINEAPPLE – "이별전의 발렌타인" ("A valentine before farewell"). Han Gyul and Eun Chan at cafe.
77. MISTY BLUE – "위로." Eun Chan writes on leaf.
78. DONAWHALE – "Running." Eun Chan running to Han Gyul’s apartment.
79. THE MELODY – "Paradise." Last scene.


80. REASON AVE. – "My Carol." Breakfast on the patio.
81. MAXIMILIAN HECKER – "Flower Four." In car on the way to work.
82. HAN DONG JOON – "너를 사랑해" (I Love You). The song Han Gyul sings.


83. DEPAPEPE – "Start"
84. THE MONGOOSE – "Pink Piano Punk Star"
85. THE MONGOOSE – "Pintos." Background song in previews at the end of each episode.
86. TOY – "첫사랑" (first love)
87. Dire Straits - Money For Nothing
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Цените тех, с кем можно быть собой. Без масок, недомолвок и амбиций. И берегите их, они вам посланы судьбой. Ведь в вашей жизни их - лишь единицы

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