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16 июля 23:23, рейт: 5

I enjoyed watching the drama. A good love story with Happy Ending. Jang Ki Yong is wonderful actor and watched all his work, Lee Hyeri's beautiful smile, super cheerful disposition made it work.
I love all the cast but don't know why seem something is missing in this drama.
Overall a great fantasy drama to watch that will make you laugh and cry and everything in between.

13 июля 15:49, рейт: 0


13 июля 15:48, рейт: 4

I liked it :kpop7:

9 июля 19:23, рейт: 0

This is like a Hallmark Christmas Movie.
Good blues…

9 июля 15:18, рейт: 3

This series start to usual - a successful boss and the new girl (very smart and knows what she wants) at work falling in love, the fast pace of that first stage of romance leading up to the marriage is all we need to know that is only the beginning. Later on is about the struggles of a young marriage, where both the woman and the man are career-oriented people, who clearly love each other but must deal with a lot of things coming their way. I could relate a lot to the female lead, as a young woman who also has to juggle between family and work, but this character might not be everyone's taste.

Maybe I was expecting too much but I feel like the drama, Invisible Life was too transparent. Their life was pretty open to everyone and nothing much was invisible other than their communication skills.
The acting was really good, and I watched with not too much forwarding, but I was waiting from episode 20 onwards for male lead to realise the importance of the family, which happened in ep 39, big disappointment on that.
The outcome is 50/50 like/ not liked.

6 июля 22:18, рейт: 3

It is indeed an impressive love story.
After watching this, I didn't think I would re-watch it but here I am watching it the 2nd time. This drama is about unconditional trust and love the male leads has for the female lead. With all the factors, circumstances, confusion and even a third wheel threatening to tear them apart, their relationship persisted based on each other's understanding and trust for one another.
Gu Man is a very good writer, loved almost all her novels.

30 июня 20:47, рейт: 1

Calavinca, как-то она всегда одинаково инфантильно "cute" - как этот мишка: :tbr-21: ohh sorry, i meant the guy not the actress. But I still can say I did like the series, even though being childish.

30 июня 20:28, рейт: 3

나는 그것을 좋아했다 :kpop12:

30 июня 13:17, рейт: 3

I liked to watch it as at some point is not as you expect it to be.
It was a thrilling, a lot of action, the fights scenes were excellent, filmed nicely, Li Qin is so lovely and Johnny Huang is so hot :). Usual number of coincidences, but without this cannot be a Chinese drama. IT has a little bit of romance, doctors' hard efforts for saving patients, devoted soldiers, true life stories.. I laughed, I smiled, I was sad, I cried..
Overall, I recommend watching this drama. At least give it a try :) For me, the story gets better as the episodes go by…

21 июня 22:23, рейт: 1

This drama and Ode to Joy 1 are both binge-worthy and a must-watch. Be warned, however - it was 97 episodes of watching (both seasons).
It is such a realistic drama, most of the modern dramas I have watched recently have lots of childish scenes (which is ok to relax, but get tired for an over an over same story). However, Ode to Joy is totally different from them (I regret i didn't watch it earlier). The story is about 5 women who have different personalities, values, principles, visions and difficulties, but they help each other out in different kinds of situations, support and brace when needed.
These five women and their friendships and relationships are so well developed throughout the storytelling that you can't stop watching (at least that was for me). Season one sets the background and Season two broads on the story giving you a more in-depth view of their growth.

Wang Kai's and Wang Ziwen's chemistry as Dr. Zhao and Qu Xiao Xiao is one of my favourites. They were the highlight of the show for me, and I always looked forward to their scenes, although i also loved the relation between An Di (Tamia Liu) and Bao Yi Fan (Yang Shuo).
Thank you for a wonderful work! x

1 мая 15:47, рейт: 4

This is a very slow burn romance that is natural in the sense that it grows at a really nice and realistic pace. It's not love at first sight, hate-to-love or obsession, it's just pure and quite boring (in a good way) romance. It is also realistic in the sense that the drama focuses on the work life and romantic life of all the characters and it has a good balance of this. The characters and their development throughout the drama did not feel draggy which I personally expected.
I loved the leads in this drama. This is a drama where both leads are level headed, reasonable and actually stay together throughout the drama. Any issues they have in their relationship is resolved within an episode. There is no dragged out drama that break them up and get them together again. Despite all the drama in this show and how many people are trying to get in the way of their relationship, nothing stops the leads from doing what they want and being with whomever they want. They also had really good chemistry together, it seemed so natural and not at all forced.

If you want a slow but real romance, then I'd recommend this.

15 апреля 23:01, рейт: 5

I've been so mesmerized by the storyline. The actors are absolutely amazing, every single one of them. The little girl, oh my word. What brilliant acting for such a young age. A very believable storyline and so much truth about love. I liked the actors, the way drama was directed, the sense, the set-up everything was so perfect, I have no words…
One thing is certain that after watching this drama you all will learn many good things about life , family, and love.
I will highly recommend this drama to every one of this world do watch it and my special highly recommendation is for those people who don't know what does the 'unconditional love'. I was grateful that the writer gave us an open ending instead of the scene where someone has to pass away.
Thank you for a beautiful gem and thank you for hard work for translating it.

9 апреля 00:46, рейт: 0

I don't really watch long series, or family dramas, but this one i liked it a lot. Every episode has new twists and turns. It gives out diverse emotions and messages to life. The cast have and are justifying their roles by amazing acting skills. The chemistry between all the characters of the drama is beautiful. Yeahhh.. its a long run drama. But won't disappoint the viewers in any way. I do recommend it.

2 апреля 04:35, рейт: 3

I love lakorns but, unfortunately, many times I find myself fast forwarding through scenes and episodes of many of the lakorns I watch. Sampatan Huajai, however, was nothing like that! In fact, I found myself going back to re-watch some of my favourite scenes!
The leads were fantastic in each of their roles, the romance was smart and well done. There was plenty of action, great side characters I (for once) didn't want to fast-forward through and the ending was wonderful.
Of course there are some scenes where is not going to happen in real life, but is a Thai thing.

I put this Lakorn off for so long and I really regret not watching it earlier. It was fabulous.

Give it a try. I'm certain you'll enjoy it! :-)

14 марта 17:05, рейт: 6

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